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Binary Plan

The binary MLM plan is a widely used MLM plan. It is the most simple and powerful MLM plan. In a Binary MLM Plan, the primary member will have two members to his downline, namely, Left Leg and Right Leg.

Now, the left leg and right leg members of the Primary member can add two members each, downline to them.

The Left Leg and right leg can also be termed as Money Leg and Power Leg. Where the money leg will concentrate on adding new members downline to them. While the power leg will be taken care of by the primary or the member's upline.


The upline member adding or placing a new member to the member of one's downline

Binary Bonus Plan

MLM Companies offer different bonus plans to their members, according to their policies. The Binary Compensation Plan has 2 types of bonuses, namely, Introducer or Sponsor or Referral Bonus and Pairing or Binary Bonus.

Introducer or Sponsor or Referral Bonus

As the name suggests, Introducer or Sponsor or Referral Bonus is the bonus amount, a primary or upline member earns, when a new member is adding to his downline.

This bonus can be any predefined amount or percentage, which will be described by the company, according to its terms.

Pairing or Binary Bonus is a way of profit for that member. This can be received, when the member adds, a pair of membersdownline to them.


Rank defines the position of the member, according to the company policy. Ranks are based on the number of members introduced or spillovers and also based on the ranks of the members introduced by them.

Advantages of Binary MLM Plan

Comparing to all other Plans, Binary MLM Plan offers more payouts.

Binary MLM Plan is the easiest of all MLM Plans. New members can understand the procedure easily.

In Binary MLM Plan, all Upline members have a reward, when a new member adding.

Also, all the downline members will get pay in the Binary MLM Plan, irrespective of their level.

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