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There are different types of Multi Level Marketing Business Plans available and Stair step MLM plan is one of them. In all plans, that are in use today, Stair step MLM Plan is one of the best and oldest plan. Stair step MLM plan is depended on the this sales volume of individual and group.

What is MLM Stair Step plan?

Members who have just started in the MLM business can look for Stair Step plan, as this plan can give them a big success. The Stair step plan have various steps with different sales volume target. The Members are compensated when they reach the target of their level. Any member will be promoted, when he achieves the target given to him/her. Members with good selling skills, prefer Stair Step Plan, as it gives a huge earning potential. Thus, the Stair Step plan is also known as breakaway plan.

Firstly, the MLM Stair Step Plan has extensive number of front line positions, like an MLM Uni-level Plan. Stair step plan also has a percentage or target cut-off like Uni-Level Plan. In Stair Step plan, the target will be set for group, when the number of members increases. Also, when the limit exceeds, the team will “Break Away” and the up line member will receive a bonus for entire down line members.

Features of MLM Stair Step plan

Stair Step plan acts as a earning platform, for all who want their own business marketing.

Stair step Plan is like Uni-Level Plan, but the risk is less in Stair Step plan, compared to Uni-Level Plan.

The Stair Step plan is completely balanced, as this plan works based on Total Percentage of sales.

How does MLM Stair Step Plan works?

This easy to understand MLM plan has substantial front line members, which helps the members to reach the cut-off percentage and achieve braeak away, when they level up. A member has to pay a initial cost to enter into the plan, the break away will be based on the revenue from this, along with that of downline members/teams. This plan is called a Stair Step because, the process is like staircase and breakaway. In Stair step plan, member can run the process individually, when they reach the break way point. The member is given a refund or allotted a low priced amount, which the member generates on buys from the company. When the member levels up, the company discount rate will exceed.

The various positions like distributor, supervisor, manager or national director are given, when the members progress to the next level. Once-Off title bonus is given to the members, who maintain the status for 3 successive months. If they fail in a month, the member has to improve again for 3 successive months to get the Once-Off bonus.

Advantages of the MLM Stair Step Plan

MLM Stair Step Plan have good compensation rate and potential for high earnings with a great team.

This plan members have great income potential.

MLM Stair Plan is simple to run and manage.

The member can develop teams of larger size and earn more commission. The member, leaving an existing group and functioning individually is called a Breakaway element.

The Stair Step plan have no limit on recruiting for both first generation line/ up line members or down line distributors.

In Stair step plan, any member will be paid by distributor, only when he/she reaches the target.

The members have to reach their own target, while manage the members down line to them, and should recruit new member into the team, which helps them to increase total sales and earnings.

The Stair Step plan member get double benefits and works better than any other MLM plans.

MLM Stair Step plan commissions

Fast Start Bonus

The member with a positive improvement to his/her designations, can earn fast start bonus.

Clear Ship Pool

The member earns the Clear Ship Pool, when he/she levels up to a specific level. Clear ship pool is a percentage of value and the member automatically get the membership called pool or club.

Briefly, the MLM Stair Step plan can consist of any number of front line or Up line members.

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