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Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline MLM Plan is a straight line MLM Plan which consists of only one leg for each member. It is also known as single leg MLM Plan or Linear MLM Plan. The concept is so simple as its name says. This Straight line MLM Plan is also called as Single Leg MLM or Linear MLM Plan. As the name suggests, the plan is all about pertaining to fall into the same line. In network marketing industry, the most attractive and the simplest MLM Plan is Monoline MLM Plan.

Also, Monoline marketing is expected to be the most popular MLM plan in upcoming years. Every member automatically goes down when a new member joins as it has only one leg to work, which is the most interesting fact of Monoline Marketing Plan. Member will receive monthly revenue, which overrides on everyone below that member, irrespective of the sponsor, in Monoline MLM plan. Even if the team passes any member up in different qualification levels, the member will get benefits because of other members, downline to that member. Monoline MLM Plan has many features and benefits, like many other Compensation Plans.

This Plan have more benefits over Forced Matrix Plan, as the Forced Matrix Plan works in such a way, that the member can be benefited when the given number of slots are filled in any given level, but in Monoline MLM Plan, a member can be benefited when ever a new member joins the group.

Monoline MLM Compensation Plan

Monoline MLM Compensation plan has following compensations in their plan. They are

Referral Bonus

Rejoin Bonus

Matching Bonus

Referral Bonus / Sponsor Bonus

The bonus which is earned when a existing member refers or sponsor a new member in the plan, is called a Referral Bonus or Sponsor Bonus. The newly added member will get bonus of certain amount or percentage as per the MLM company terms. Also, exsiting member can also get maximum benefits by this type of bonus. To get that, the members needs to refer new members and the member can get the maximum benefits.

Rejoin Bonus

The special feature of Monoline MLM plan is the Rejoin Bonus. In this Bonus type, a member can get the benefit if he/she gets re-entry back into the system. The user will get the benefit of Rejoin Bonus as Monoline MLM Plan is single line plan.

Matching Bonus

When a member gets the referral bonus or rejoin bonus, then the member who sponsored him/her will also get the same benefit. That is, both the member and his/his sponsor will get the bonus at the same time. This type of bonus, where both the member and the sponsored member, getting the bonus is called as Matching Bonus

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