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Matrix MLM Plan

Matric MLM Plan is a predefined structure plan, where the width and height of the plan is defined by the MLM company. The Structure can be 2*2, 3*5, so on.

For Example, Lets take, 3*5 Plan. Here, the Primary Have will have 3 members downside to him/her. Those 3 members belong to Level 1, in other words width of the plan.

Now, 3 members of Level 1 can have 3 members downside to them. Those 9 members are of Level 2. These Levels define the Height of the plan.

According to the above described plan, height is 5, so, the plan will go down till level 5.

While, the plan will have 27 members, 81 members, 243 members, in Level 3, 4 & 5 respectively.

Bonuses in Matrix MLM Software

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor Bonus is the amount, which can be received by all, members t any levels, when they add any member to their downline.

Level Bonus

Level Bonus can be received, when the members downline to them do sales, and the profit of their sale, or percentage value, will be credited to the upline members.

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus is the amount, which the upline member receives, when the member he sponsored or added in the downline, gets profit after sales. The Percentage of matching bonus, varies with the company.

Position Bonus

Position Bonus can be received only by the primary member, when a new member is added in the down line of the structure. For example, if the Matrix MLM Plan structure is 3*5. The primary member can get the Position Bonus, when any new member is added in level 5.

Matrix Bonus

Matrix Bonus is also the bonus, that will be received by primary member. Here, if the Matrix MLM Plan structure is 3*5. The member will receive the bonus, as per the company policy, if he has the structure, that is, 3, 9, 27, 81 & 243 members in respective levels of the structure.

Advantages of Matrix MLM Plan

The Matrix MLM plan, gives the member an opportunity to earn more, comparing to other MLM Plans.

The earning amount will grow, as new members are added to the plan.

Downline Members can easily understand the structure and procedure of the plan.

Matrix MLM Plan is very flexible, that the plan structure can be extended easily.

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