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Uni-Level Plan

Uni-Level Plan is the plan, which allows the primary member to add N number of members to his/her downline. There is no limitation for each level members. Since, the members can add as many as the members, they want. There is no requirement of spill overs.

Uni-Level Bonus Plans

Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor Bonus is the amount which members receive, when they add new members to the MLM plan.

Level Commissions

This is the most commonly used bonus plan in Unilevel MLM plan. In this type of bonus in Unilevel MLM Plan, any member can get this commission, when their downline members sales. Since, Unilevel MLM Plan member can have n number of downline member under them, earnings for members are high in this plan.

Fast Start Bonus

Fast Start Bonus will be rewarded to the members, when they achieve a target in certain time period. This may vary, as per the company policy.

Rank advancement Bonus

Like, Level Commissions, Rank Advancement bonus is also a common bonus plan in Unilevel MLM plan. The bonus can be rewarded, when they level up to next level or rank. The bonus terms will vary, as per company policy.

Leadership Bonus Pool

Leadership Bonus Pool, will have members from high level. MLM companies, will Offer this bonus to them, with respect to certain percentage of sales, they made yearly or quarterly.

Coded Bonus

Coded bonus in add on bonus for the members. This bonus is given based on the relationship with members. Companies will have certain rules, to help them identify the relationship.

Advantages of Unilevel Bonus Plan

Unilevel MLM Plan is easy to implement, as the structure is simple.

Unilevel MLM Plan can be lucrative, comparing to any other MLM Plan, if so, the downline member are good and posses leadership skills.

Also, This Bonus Plan can reward members with faster bonus and standard income

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